Tony Federer's Home Page

Revised March 4, 2015

Welcome to the web site of C. Anthony (Tony) Federer, retired USDA Forest Service scientist.

As of March 2015, this site contains only my BROOK90 Hydrologic Model.

If you are looking for my unpublished book "Ecoshift: The Movement That is Transforming the Relation of Humanity to Earth" you can download the PDF version. My Ecoshift web pages are now defunct.

My redlining spreadsheet of all trails in the AMC White Mountain Guide 28th Ed. can be found at along with a 29th Edition spreadsheet.

A hydrologic model using Shuttleworth-Wallace PE and multiple soil layers
An older and simpler forest hydrology model using Hamon PE and a single soil layer
An autobiography of my career and development of the BROOK models
Publications My important publications in forest hydrology and soils

C. Anthony Federer, 5 Blueberry Ln Unit T2, Falmouth Me 04105 U.S.A.

Phone: 207-781-2678   

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